Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Transformers Universe Wiki Wikia

The Transformers Universe Wiki is the trusted source for Transformers Universe information including guides, items database, and more.

When is Xbox SmartGlass Coming?

Microsoft's newly announced project SmartGlass for Xbox 360 is set for release on October 27, 2012 according to sources close to the Xbox 360 development team. Microsoft's SmartGlass will not launch with any hardware and will be completely software contained in the form of an Xbox 360 update.

The connection will be over LAN. So, your devices such as tablets and phones will need to be on the same LAN (using WiFi with the same router that your Xbox 360 is on) as the Xbox 360. It is unclear whether SmartGlass will work over IP (Internet) and connect to your devices as long as they're on the Internet. Probably not though.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Transformers Universe Dynamic Signatures

Custom sigs on forums can be made using Transformers Universe calculators and dynamic signatures.

Flying mounts are not necessarily in Guild Wars 3 but they will feature all over Transformers Universe 2. Jagex has announced an expansion pack where you can unlock achievements for your transformer.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Submit Your Site to

The WayBackMachine keeps an archive of websites. We checked the forums of to figure out how people would submit their website for inclusion in the Archive.

The answer is that you simply search for your site and it will get spidered and archived within 60 days.

Transformers Universe Forums

Here's a picture that depicts the Transformers Universe forums that exist for players to get tips, hints, walkthrus, guides, and cheats for the popular MMORPG about autobots.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Transformers Universe Loyalty Rewards

People that are loyal to the Transformers Universe game are like hungry dogs. They are thrown a bone every once in a while in exchange for a strict loyalty that even the Japanese during WWII didn't show. Optimus Prime does not demand such loyalty but Transformers Universe does.

Transformers Universe Release Date

The release date for the Transformers Universe MMO game is December 4, 2012. This has been confirmed by many sources at Hasbro.

You can discuss the matter on the Transformers Universe forums.

Wikia has a Transformers Universe Wiki

The popular Wikipedia clone that rip-off site, Wikia, has been found to be running a Transformers Universe Wiki as well. Of course, it isn't as good as a Transformers 4 movie that plays for you until the next sequel is released. Or the open beta for Transformers Universe.

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Finding anything these days is pretty hard. You need to either Google it using Bing or you search it on Wikipedia. If you still can't find it on the wiki, then you have to look towards the Transformers Universe Wiki.

Optimus Prime will be ashamed of Megatron if you didn't request the assistance of Bumblebee in fighting the brawlers in Transformers Universe.

Transformers Universe Wiki

Welcome to the Transformers Universe Wiki. To search for anything such as TFU items, quests, NPCs, areas, Transformers Universe missions, or characters, type it into the search box above. Otherwise, read on for some news and tips, along with Transformers Universe strategies and hints on how to cheat and get rich in the game.

So, you've picked a transformer. Now what? You can take a walk or transform. You can fly and land. But most importantly in Transformers Universe, you can change into an autobot or the other bots the bad guys are, I forgot.

This, is not exactly a wiki, as you have now found out. It is simply a blog.